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EP 118: From Homeless to $1M + 3X with John Pyron

John is an International Business & Sales Expert who has trained thousands of people across 10 countries in business and sales principles.

John teaches us that it doesn’t matter where you come from and that feeding positivity is how bad circumstances can be turned into success stories. We talked about how surrounding yourself with the right people is the recipe for getting into your AWESOME ZONE. Finally, we talk through how comfort can be a coffin.

Golden nuggets:

  • Take 100% responsibility for it (it’s not someone else’s fault)
  • It is what it is
  • Forgiveness is never without consequence
  • Embrace life’s experiences – it’s what makes you who you are

Keys to success:

  • Put on your own oxygen mask first (take care of yourself)

Actionable tips:

  • Have a solid morning routine and stick to it!
  • Always work with a mentor


“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” Elisabeth Kübler-Ross


John Pyron –

EP 117: Live Life on Your Own Terms with Aimee C. Teesdale

Aimee Teesdale is a successful life coach that helps people live life on their own terms. Aimee quit her office job and jumped out of her comfort zone to ride the waves on a cruise ship before launch her coaching business.

We talk about overcoming challenges and how being grateful is a powerful tool. Aimee shares the concept of the importance of realizing that there is always a choice. We also hit on the value of coaching and how coaching can help you get to the next level in life or in business.

Golden nuggets:

  • Be the author and director of your own life
  • Your beliefs create your reality

Keys to success:

  • Commit to receiving coaching
  • Be willing to learn, change, and grow
  • Have the resilience to never give up

Actionable tips:

  • Get a coach
  • Focus on personal growth


“The harder you push yourself, the harder your self pushes back.” Anonymous


Aimee Teesdale –

EP 116: Focus On What Is Working In Your Business with Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg knows money. Starting off early on his entrepreneurial journey, he was the top seller of his community’s entertainment coupon books when he was a boy scout.

From there he followed a steady career path in finance, starting out as a bank branch manager and transitioning into full time financial consulting.

Side Hustle

Eric began dabbling in financial blogging, advising people about the right way to manage their money and stay away from debt. When his blogging and ad sale side hustle reached $40,000 in revenue in addition to what he was making at his day job, Eric did what any good responsible new parent would do – quit his job and become a full-time online entrepreneur!

Eric claims that typing is his superpower and started exploring writing purely as a side hustle. His writing lands him at numerous personal finance conferences and has also led to several freelance writing gigs. Surprisingly, freelance writing for others has become the bulk of his income. When not writing, Eric speaks at conferences and events, sharing his wisdom on personal finance, branding, building your online business, and how a side hustle can often lead to financial freedom.

Keys to Success

Speaking from experience, Eric credits long term focus for success. A handful of keys for success from Eric include “Have a viable business to go into.” Elon Musk features as one of Eric’s ‘people to meet’ as a mentor and teacher and learn why he is on Eric’s list.

Spend time on what You Love

The entrepreneur enjoys spending time on his blog, his podcast, and his Youtube channel and will continue to do so no matter how successful his business grows. His favorite way to spend time is with his family and in his community in Ventura, California.

What Eric is Up to

In the future, Eric plans to flex his entrepreneurial muscle developing apps focusing on community, mastermind groups, and of course, money.


With the cornerstone of his advice being “Listen to your market,” the number one piece of advice Eric gives is to focus on what is working in your business. “Don’t always look at what you expected to work in your business, look at what IS working.”

Find Eric:

Enjoy Eric’s free week long bootcamp at

Eric’s blog


YouTube Channel


Mastermind Hunt

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EP 115: Timing Will Never Be Perfect. Act Now with Tim Retic

Owner of a thriving barbershop  in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Tim Retic originally started with a business partner in 2008. After buying his partner out, he renamed it Forever Faded.

Keep Going

Tim believes that in order to be an entrepreneur people need to understand a few basic things. “You have to get started. Understand that there are going to be roadblocks and difficulties. Instead of worrying about problems, worry about solutions and have faith, trust in God.”

“Worry about nothing, pray on everything.”

With experience behind him, Tim emphasizes that focusing on the problems leads to more problems, whereas focusing  on solutions leads to solutions. Several years ago, he worked on what he thought would be an inexpensive and short remodeling project on his barbershop. In addition to taking months longer than expected, expenses had also gone beyond estimates.

Stick to the Mission – Don’t sweat the small stuff

How do you know what the small stuff is? Tim posits that only in hindsight can we realize what really had impact or was the issue. However, he also highlights the idea that as one gains more experience as an entrepreneur, one can learn to recognize erroneous endeavors and bad paths.

Understanding what you can control

Growing from being a micro-manager to a leader,  Tim recognized his own need to have personal change in order to propel his business to flourish. In an endeavor to grow, Tim saw that he would have to take a step back in order to allow his employees to develop within the work space instead of interfering with their personal process of growth and responsibility.

Disruptive growth

Tim illustrates the process of personal growth through a process he calls “Disruptive Growth”, an experience which involves uncomfortable growth for the reward of change. As a driven businessman, he shares  that it is important to find your own path to success.

From his own journey, he advocates  that one needs to “Get into the muck” and learn to grow from adversity and difficulties both as an entrepreneur and in one’s personal life.

While it took time to develop, he recognizes the importance of Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance.

Thoughts + Reflecting on those thoughts = Reality

Significantly, Tim believes this is the equation of Reality and that if you’re frustrated with your reality, go back and change your thoughts.

With no doubt in his mind, he promotes success as something that takes experience as well as an understanding of positive momentum within a context of time and place.

He makes mention of understanding market fluctuations  and contributions word-of-mouth advertising has for entrepreneurs.

Hobby or Business Entrepreneur

Being the boss or being an employee? Tim illustrates a notable change in both his attitude and his employees’ attitudes towards the work environment. While previously, new customers understood who the boss was because of a more singular “take charge attitude”, he appreciates that now customers are sometimes unsure of who the boss is because his team has elevated their attitudes from “just a hobby” to an entrepreneurial endeavor and money-making business.

Customer Service

The customer is always right? Tim does not necessarily agree but recognizes the importance of supporting and helping his employees as independent contractors. By supporting his employees first and foremost, he empowers his employees to feel confident in the working environment. This places  the responsibility for positive customer service with the employees, enabling them to strive for successful customer relationships.

Being the Model Boss

“I had to let go.” Tim believes that being an entrepreneur who continually demonstrates a positive work ethic for his employees, allows his employees to understand and then emulate positive change for growth. By acting as the model employee, Tim enables his employees to see realistic goals that can be achieved consciously or unconsciously. He emphasizes the importance of avoiding stagnation and finding growth.

Guarding against Depression as an Entrepreneur

“Don’t dwell on it. Have a goal. Work on the plan daily.” It is easy to dwell on the past and think about failures in one’s personal life or as an entrepreneur. Tim recommends making a plan and moving forward on a daily basis.

Live in the Moment

By living in the moment, one better focuses on the task at hand. What has worked for Tim has been his focus on positive thoughts. This can improve one’s attitude and success as an entrepreneur.

“Focus on the good, it will come back to you tenfold.”

Actionable Actions

Tim offers some final advice as an entrepreneur and in life “Do it today. The timing will never be perfect. Act now.”

Additional Information: Visit Forever Faded in Waukesha at 1427 E. Racine Ave.