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Ep 138: Find Alignment in Feedback with John Larson

John Larson is the creator of Coach Accountable. Coach Accountable allows competent coaches to do their very best work: coaching that’s more effective and more approachable.

Crafted and refined since 2012, the CA platform enables coaches to put forth a more compelling offering, have their coaching be more than just a phone call and a notebook, realize better results with their clients, and focus on doing more of what they love.

Golden Nuggets:

  • Technology can be a method of creativity
  • Don’t build in isolation

Keys to success:

  • Listen to the customer
  • Act on what you hear

Actionable tip:

Don’t shy away from doing something you don’t really know how to do.


“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” — Bruce Lee

Guest Information:

John Larson

EP 134: Stay Curious and Embrace Failures with Levi King

Founded in 2012, Nav is the free, modern way for business owners to manage their business credit and get streamlined access to financing. Its founders, Levi King and Caton Hanson, are lifelong friends and entrepreneurs. They were inspired to create Nav after their own experience dealing with the complexities of business financing.

Get ready for yet another Golden Nugget filled audio masterclass.

Golden nuggets:

  • Keep plowing through the challenges

Keys to success:

  • Stay curious
  • Tackle the important things first
  • Be self-aware

Actionable tip:

  • Make sure your in a position to access favorable capital.


“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

— Henry David Thoreau


Nav –

Bonus: Audio Masterclass – Your Customers Are The Measure Of Success with Tydus and Alisha Hayes of Pat’s Ribs

Alisha and Tydus Hayes

Milwaukee native Alisha Hayes, is co-owner of Pat’s Rib Place. Her entrepreneurial journey began with Studio 51 Recordings and in the true spirit of entrepreneurship, Alisha used available spaces (closets included) to run her business. As the market changed, Alisha and her husband Tydus, adapted the business to include videography.

Tydus credits positive male influences that shaped his entrepreneurial skills and hard-working ideology. Their first project together as entrepreneurs led them to vending machines, then  later onto their recording studio business. Increasing their business acumen with the recording studio, Alisha and Tydus moved onto their biggest entrepreneurial challenge yet, marking the opening of Pat’s Rib Place in 2009.

Risk or Stability

Stability versus entrepreneurship. Alisha and Tydus recognized that having a regular job and pursuing opportunities as entrepreneurs can be difficult. Regular jobs provide the stability of regular pay, health insurance and benefits. Whereas, pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities can be risky without stable benefits in the short term, but rewarding in the long term.

While they both recognized the importance of a regular job, Alisha and Tydus also had their personal ambitions for independent entrepreneurial success. After opening their restaurant, their hard work paid off and they said goodbye to the burden of a 9 to 5.

“Building confidence came a little slow at first. Whatever business that you’re in, you want to make sure that you’re well received because it’s really supply and demand.”

Alignng Purpose, Passion, Path

With an entrepreneurial eye, Alisha recognized the need in the local area. She knew that they could create a restaurant that would replicate elements of  treasured memories of her mother, having both charm and scrumptious southern-style food.

Tirelessly passionate, Tydus recognizes how “the right reason, time and place lined up”. He shares the creation of their original scratch-made sauces, produced in the spirit of barbecue cooking and entrepreneurial fortuity.

A Perfect Opportunity in an Imperfect Time

In the face of a housing market crash, Alisha knew they held the key ingredients for success.While Tydus had the skills to make the food, she supplemented her knowledge with research and analysis for the fundamentals like initial costs, supplies and equipment. A fortuitous opportunity despite all the obstacles.

When Alisha reflects on the difficulties and struggles they faced, she recognizes that having faith and having faith in God helped them through time and again.

Everybody’s Place

Alisha and Tydus welcome everyone and offer a different style of restaurant. “We’re not soul food…We’re southern-style barbecue.” Alisha recognizes the importance of being different and tries to create a positive and clean environment.

Helping and giving back are a core part of their beliefs as entrepreneurs and successful restaurant owners. Charities they support include PAWS and Autism organizations. In addition to this, the successful duo also assist young people to find opportunities for work and support. 

Suggestions for Entrepreneurs

Alisha offers two important suggestions for enterprising individuals. “If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right“ and “Give yourself a time limit”.

Alisha measures success on customers, not ego or perception. Accepting success to her is seeing their business thriving and finding positive reviews.

Being hands on in the business, Tydus shares his advice : “Definitely do a lot of research” and “have a vision board”.

From his experience,  he has found that sustaining success requires the ability to listen, consider, take in the positive information, then be willing to adjust and adapt.  A key take home from Tydus to entrepreneurs is to avoid stagnation and complacency!

The entrepreneur advocates being flexible and implementing change accordingly, all the while keeping the strong business standards. Tydus encourages entrepreneurs to reflect on what is done well, assess if  there was improvement, then look to bring in new ideas to continue positive changes and surprises for customers.

Additional Information: Visit Pat’s Rib Place in Waukesha and for more information check out their website at

EP 075: Is your pain great enough to take the first step? – LuSundra Everett

She talks about moving around a lot and how that has actually helped her develop a unique skill-set that benefits her business. We talk about how you can’t play and coach at the same time in the game of business. LuSundra also talks about how business owners need to raise their hand when they need help. Our sponsor for this episode is Regus.

Golden nuggets:

  • Find the things that define you
  • Don’t be afraid to do something
  • There are some things that only ice cream or a snickers bar will fix
  • You need a coach. You can’t coach and play at the same time
  • Success is not a destination, it’s a journey

Keys to success:

  • Take the next best step
  • Never stop learning
  • Run toward the danger
  • Be willing to learn the hard stuff

Actionable tip:

  • Find your tax professional now


  • “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you learn to do it well” Steve Brown


Home Biz Tax Lady


3 Ps of EmPowerment

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EP 067: Replay – Passion, Purpose, Path, 3 P’s of EmPowerment – Get in the Awesome Zone!

I re-cap my talk with Arsha Jones with Capital City Co. from episode 57. If you haven’t listened to that episode, it is a must listen! I share my thoughts on the difference between dreamers, sustainers, and builders. I talk about leveraging your skills and passions to create opportunity. I talk through how you can find your passion, your purpose, and your path.

Golden nuggets: 

  • Conversations are the best way to learn
  • Everyone has a general purpose and a specific purpose
  • You must balance your specific purpose

Actionable tip:

  • Write your vision down
  • Visualize your success
  • Start today – even if it’s a small step


  • “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game’s winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that’s why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan, NBA Hall of Famer.


EP 069: School of Hard Knocks with DaVida Wingfield of Celebrity Philanthropy

DaVida Wingfield, the president of Celebrity Philanthropy and the personality behind the Wingfield report is my guest this week. We talk about investing in yourself and embracing wisdom. We talk through how DaVida started and grew a successful business by tackling challenges and being adaptable. DaVida also shares how her experience with Oprah Winfrey led to a dynamic shift in her business.

Golden nuggets:

  • Embrace wisdom and knowledge through mentorship
  • Investing in yourself will pay dividends
  • Focus on your strength and not on your challenge
  • Always have something to offer

Actionable tip:

  • Set aside 10% of your budget to invest in personal development


  • The school of hard knocks is for the unwise and unlearned – Learn from others mistakes. – Unknown


DaVida Wingfield

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