EP 109: Make Smarter, Faster, Deeper Connections with your Customers With Bill Balderaz

Futurety uses data analytics and marketing technology expertise to help companies make smarter, faster, deeper connections with their customers.

Bill talks about predictive modeling and it can be used to market your business. We also talk about how statistically speaking, your business will fail!

Golden nuggets:

  • Read the market, find the need, fulfill the need
  • Realize that there are going to be challenges and own the challenges
  • Never fall in love with the product/service
  • The market is always right

Keys to success:

  • Surround yourself with a great team
  • Always listen to the market
  • Thin big impact and high output, not input

Actionable tips:

  • Have a good business model and a great team.


  • “Freedom lies in being bold.” Robert Frost


Bill Balderaz – Futurety


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