EP 116: Focus On What Is Working In Your Business with Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg knows money. Starting off early on his entrepreneurial journey, he was the top seller of his community’s entertainment coupon books when he was a boy scout.

From there he followed a steady career path in finance, starting out as a bank branch manager and transitioning into full time financial consulting.

Side Hustle

Eric began dabbling in financial blogging, advising people about the right way to manage their money and stay away from debt. When his blogging and ad sale side hustle reached $40,000 in revenue in addition to what he was making at his day job, Eric did what any good responsible new parent would do – quit his job and become a full-time online entrepreneur!

Eric claims that typing is his superpower and started exploring writing purely as a side hustle. His writing lands him at numerous personal finance conferences and has also led to several freelance writing gigs. Surprisingly, freelance writing for others has become the bulk of his income. When not writing, Eric speaks at conferences and events, sharing his wisdom on personal finance, branding, building your online business, and how a side hustle can often lead to financial freedom.

Keys to Success

Speaking from experience, Eric credits long term focus for success. A handful of keys for success from Eric include “Have a viable business to go into.” Elon Musk features as one of Eric’s ‘people to meet’ as a mentor and teacher and learn why he is on Eric’s list.

Spend time on what You Love

The entrepreneur enjoys spending time on his blog, his podcast, and his Youtube channel and will continue to do so no matter how successful his business grows. His favorite way to spend time is with his family and in his community in Ventura, California.

What Eric is Up to

In the future, Eric plans to flex his entrepreneurial muscle developing apps focusing on community, mastermind groups, and of course, money.


With the cornerstone of his advice being “Listen to your market,” the number one piece of advice Eric gives is to focus on what is working in your business. “Don’t always look at what you expected to work in your business, look at what IS working.”

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