EP 117: Live Life on Your Own Terms with Aimee C. Teesdale

Aimee Teesdale is a successful life coach that helps people live life on their own terms. Aimee quit her office job and jumped out of her comfort zone to ride the waves on a cruise ship before launch her coaching business.

We talk about overcoming challenges and how being grateful is a powerful tool. Aimee shares the concept of the importance of realizing that there is always a choice. We also hit on the value of coaching and how coaching can help you get to the next level in life or in business.

Golden nuggets:

  • Be the author and director of your own life
  • Your beliefs create your reality

Keys to success:

  • Commit to receiving coaching
  • Be willing to learn, change, and grow
  • Have the resilience to never give up

Actionable tips:

  • Get a coach
  • Focus on personal growth


“The harder you push yourself, the harder your self pushes back.” Anonymous


Aimee Teesdale – https://aimeecteesdale.com/