EP 126: You Learn to Walk by Falling with Jay Rice

Founder & CEO, Jay Rice, created ThinkingChat™ to help process sales leads for high tech equipment. During his experience as a tech CEO and entrepreneur in the industrial imaging industry Jay supplied over $20 million worth of advanced imaging technology to large government, military and industrial customers such as: the U.S. Army, Naval Intelligence, Intel, and NASA.

We learn about the concept of falling and how that applies to business. We talk about the number 1 job of any business owner and how that relates to the craft of the business. Jay also teaches us about his idea machine.

Golden nuggets:

  • Sometimes failure can turn into success
  • You either learn or you grow

Keys to success:

  1. Tenacity
  2. Hard work and effort
  3. Creative ways to solutions
  4. Have a great support network

Actionable tip:

  1. Embrace marketing automation
  2. Get an advisory board
  3. Leverage freelancers and contractors
  4. Implement an email marketing component


There is no substitute for hard work. Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting. – Hope Hicks