EP 133: Find, Win, Keep, and Grow Clients with LaTisha Styles

LaTisha “Tish” Styles is a lifestyle influencer, speaker and marketing consultant helping clients grow their online business. She is the founder of Creating Coins®, which provides courses and trainings in digital marketing. She helps her clients design the life of their dreams through entrepreneurship, allowing them to set their own hours, serve perfect fit clients, as well as save, spend, and make as much money as they desire. Her work has been featured in notable publications including Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

Golden nuggets:

  • Learn how to sell your skills
  • Look at challenges as opportunities

Keys to success:

  • Start where you are with what you have
  • Be willing to adapt
  • Understand the trends

Actionable tip:

  • Take action in the right direction
  • Don’t try to do it on your own
  • Ask for help


LaTisha Styles: https://latishastyles.com