Ep 141: Find a Space to Be Brave and Tell Your Story with Megan McGee

Megan McGee is a co-founder of Ex Fabula. Ex Fabula strengthens community bonds through the art of storytelling. Ex Fabula is committed to diversity and hosts events throughout the city – from Bronzeville to Bay View and Westtown to Sherman Park.

Golden nuggets:

  • Find the playful things in life
  • Carve time out to do fun stuff
  • It’s OK to fail
  • Perspective is not permanent

Keys to success:

  • Understand that success is different for everyone
  • Question assumptions
  • Don’t get founder syndrome

Actionable tip:

  • Think about why people might be afraid


“The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” – Walt Disney


Ex Fabula: https://www.exfabula.org/