Ep 151: Entrepreneurship the Disney Way with Rob Mathews

Dr. Rob Mathews is the Director and Operations Manager of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise at Ball State University. He is also an Instructor of Management in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship Center in the Miller College of Business. He currently teaches the introductory entrepreneurship course, “The Entrepreneurial Experience”. Mathews has also led courses in market research, the business plan, entrepreneurial design, entrepreneurial decision- making, entrepreneurial consulting, management ethics, marketing for new ventures, and entrepreneurial finance.

Golden nuggets:

  • Entrepreneurship is team based
  • Focus on the positives

Keys to success:

  • Understand who you are (self-awareness)
  • Understand other people (other awareness)

Actionable tip:

  • It’s all about people.


“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson

Guest Information:

Rob Mathews

Website: https://elprofile.com/