Find your passion and jump! Teri McElrath of Kare Visits (Re-broadcast)

About Kare Visits:

Kare Visits LLC is a professional respite care support service that is based in Chicago, IL. Kare Visits develops innovative tools and resources to support and advocate for the care of those that reside in healthcare facilities that are elderly or disabled. Kare Visits utilizes a survey tool that is used to perform well-being checks scheduled by caregivers.


In this episode, we talk about how to find your passion and how to recognize when to make the jump into entrepreneurship. Don’t overthink things and pay attention to the everyday problems that need solutions. Get over fear and follow your passion. We talk about how to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and to engage with those in the start-up community as a way to learn and grow. 



Rework by Jason Fried 


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