EP 063: What Happened to Passion? Out with the old, In With The New. Find your Niche And Do Your Dance!

Eric is a # 1 New York Times best-selling author of the original four Pete the Cat books, The Nuts and Groovy Joe. He is a creative entrepreneur who brings literacy and music together. As a “recovering” teacher, Eric’s mission is to help shift how early literacy is approached by bringing more music and interactivity into instruction.

Golden nuggets: 

  • Don’t accept the status quo
  • The best way to get better is practice and emersion
  • Break old ideas and bring in new ones

Actionable tip:

  • Utilize low-cost experimentation concept to create products that bring value to people
  • Find your niche


“Sing your song, dance your dance, create your creation, change your world. No matter what, never give up on you and leave no regrets.” – Elzie D. Flenard, III


For the “Enterprisers” Eric is giving away a signed copy of his newest book, Groovy Joe: Dance Party Countdown!

To enter the giveaway, click https://www.ericlitwin.com/give-away-group-c!  Be sure to enter before midnight on Monday, October 2nd!


The Nut Family: www.thenutfamily.com

Groovy Joe: groovyjoestories.scholastic.com

Free Music From Eric: http://www.thelearninggroove.com/#!songs-and-activities/c129x