EP 070: Focus and Crush Your Goals. 9 tips to become a mighty goal crusher

This week, I recap my talk with DaVida Wingfield, the president of Celebrity Philanthropy and the personality behind the Wingfield report. We covered investing in yourself, embracing wisdom, growing a successful business by being adaptable and DaVida shared how her experience with Oprah Winfrey led to a dynamic shift in her business. This week, I want to unpack the concepts we discussed and talk through how to focus and crush your goals.

Ep:69: Golden nuggets: So good that I’m using them again!

  • Embrace wisdom and knowledge through mentorship
  • Investing in yourself will pay dividends
  • Focus on your strength and not on your challenge
  • Always have something to offer

Topic: Focus and Crush Your Goals

Setting Goals is the most important step!

Steps to focus

  1. Strategy
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Consistency
  4. Intelligent work
  5. Exercise
  6. Eat better
  7. Get sleep
  8. Always be ready
  9. Do one thing at a time

Key: If you are not at your best, you won’t perform at your optimal level.

Actionable tip:

  • Establish time periods to work one project at a time


Strength intimidates the weak and insecure. Be strong and don’t make yourself small so others can feel big. But remember that strength is not loud, rude and untempered. Strength is patient, kind, wise, graceful, tenacious, humble and selfless. Be strong!


DaVida Wingfield


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