EP 072: Pursue your own path, make your own direction with Chandler Walker of Out of the Cave Media

I chat with Chandler Walker of Out of the Cave Media. We talk about hard work, focus and how building relationships is key to building a successful business. We chat about how the economy is shifting toward a freelance economy and how there must be a mindset shift in order to take advantage of the coming wave. We also talk about understanding your long-term path to success and how to position yourself to be ready for the fire.

Golden nuggets:

  • Be engaging and be available
  • Anticipate things going wrong
  • Relationships are key

Keys to success:

  • Organize your life
  • Do intelligent work
  • Be consistent
  • Execute
  • Build a culture of caring
  • Have empathy

Actionable tip:

Have a long-term plan for success. There will be gaps in your plan. Find a coach or mentor that can help you bridge those gaps.


No matter how many times you swing and miss, never loose your confidence. Learn why you missed and keep swinging!


Out of the Cave Media – http://ootcmedia.com/

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