EP 076: Success is about the journey, not the destination – Sasha Laghonh

Sasha brings over fifteen years of experience to the commercial and spiritual realm by working with private and commercial clients hosting diverse backgrounds and life endeavors.  We talk about self-discipline, concept to launch principles, and self-awareness. She shares her worse moment in business – how she was laid off several times in as many years and how that experience led her into success.

Golden nuggets:

  • Success comes in the process, not just the destination
  • Passion is not enough to drive a business
  • Focus on time, people and experiences

Keys to success:

  • Be mindful of the needs of the market
  • Personal determination
  • Leave room for surprises
  • Believe in yourself and always remember your why

Actionable tip:

  • Keep learning
  • Keep things in perspective


  • “Inspiration does not beget action. Action begets inspiration.” Chinese Proverb


Sasha Laghon

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