EP 081: Who Are You? The Manager, The Visionary, Or The Entrepreneur?

Robert helps you bypass your own self-imposed limitations in all aspects of your business. He has 25 years’ experience of building business, enhancing workflows for your team, mentoring CEO’s and helping start-ups set the proper foundation for success.

We talk about the visionary, the manager, and the entrepreneur and how being miscast can affect your business. Robert shares about his worst-case business clients and how he was able to help them succeed. He also shares one of his epic business failures and the lessons he learned from that experience.

Golden nuggets:

  • Be willing to go against the grain
  • Be willing to empower your team
  • Don’t allow ego to stop you from getting help

Keys to success:

  • Perseverance
  • Knowing when to let go
  • Hire slow, fire fast
  • Tweak things

Actionable tip:

  • Make a bookkeeper your first hire


  • “Coaching is about helping clients unlock the treasure-chest of their lives – worth bearing in mind then that diamonds are made from coal under pressure and it’s the grit in the oyster which creates the pearls.” Sarah Durrant


Robert Kandell


3 Ps of EmPowerment

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