EP 082: Capitalism vs Greed. The Unapologetic Capitalist with Alison Gerlach

Alison is a seasoned, strategic management consultant, serial entrepreneur, investor, business executive, and lecturer with expertise in, and a passion for, building businesses. Ms. Gerlach has done extensive research in optimizing the business start-­‐up process and has founded and built businesses in industries that include consumer packaged goods, media, technology, and professional services.

We talk about challenges that entrepreneurs face, having patience, and how to have faith in yourself. We discuss the difference between capitalism and greed. We also talk about knowing when the game is over.

Golden nuggets:

  • Figure out if you are the right leader
  • Question yourself first
  • Put your oxygen mask on first
  • Have a good business plan

Keys to success:

  • Every entrepreneur needs a spouse with a steady income

Actionable tip:

  • Ask yourself – Are being a good leader?


  • “Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.” George E. Woodberry


Alison Gerlach


3 Ps of EmPowerment

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