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EP 122: Shake Hands and Kiss Babies with Erica Castner

For over two decades, Erica has been helping business owners and service providers maximize their time and enhance their circle of influence to find, connect and convert more of their ideal clients.

We talk about listening to your customer and understanding what they want. Erica schools us on branding and why getting attention matters.

Golden nuggets:

  • Trust your gut and understand the position you’re in
  • Practice the art of communication by listening

Keys to success:

  • Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you
  • Have something to give people behind you

Actionable tip:

  • Contact 5 professional people in your network and connect with them. Ask how you can help them.


“Everything is hard until you do it enough, then it becomes easy” – Unknown


Erica Castner – https://ericacastner.com