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EP 123: Be Open to Testing and Getting It Wrong with Jill Brennan

Founded in 2003 by Jill Brennan, Harbren Marketing has traditionally provided marketing consulting services to small businesses. Over the years Jill has worked with many small business owners that are overwhelmed by the complexity of marketing their products or services and frustrated by their reliance on ‘marketing types’ that sell them what they have rather than what the business needs.

We learn about pivoting and how to know when to move on. Jill schools us on finding that sweet spot when working with companies that need your product or service but can’t afford it. We also dispel a common misconception about business ownership.

Golden nuggets:

  • Try to take the emotion out of it
  • Get the lesson out of things
  • Take advantage of opportunities

Keys to success:

  • Be open to testing and getting it wrong
  • Put yourself in your client’s shoes

Actionable tip:


“You get the results you want or you get the lesson you need” – Unknown


Harbren Marketing – https://harbren.com/about/