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EP 107: Generate leads through done-for-you LinkedIn Lead Generation

Jake Jorgovan is the founder of Lead Cookie. Lead Cookie helps B2B companies generate leads through done-for-you LinkedIn Lead Generation.

We talk about the difference between mindfulness and awareness. We talk through how having a mindset for being in it for the long haul is key to success and how taking a step every day is a simple way to achieve your goals.

Golden nuggets:

  • Find your passion
  • Allow yourself to fall into things
  • Difference is the value proposition
  • If you’re not getting leads, the problem is your offer
  • Give away the tactics and focus on implementation

Keys to success:

  • Build a business that serves your life
  • Be active and healthy

Actionable tips:

  • Realize that your value proposition is a multiplier for everything you do.


“Every choice moves us closer to or farther away from something. Where are your choices taking your life?” Eric Allenbaugh


Jake Jorgovan – Lead Cookie


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