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EP 097: Identify, Communicate, And Protect Your Value with Leslie Ungar

Leslie Ungar of Electric Impulse Communications helps individuals and corporations supercharge their leadership by helping them identify your competitive edge to improve individual and company performance. Her clients see her as someone to “think with.”

We talk about adding value to everyone you work with. We talk through the value of coaching and why everyone who wants to operate at their maximum capacity needs a coach.

Golden nuggets:

  • Consistently protect your value
  • Understand what the market needs/wants

Keys to success:

  • Guts
  • Grit
  • Perseverance

Actionable tips:

  • Choose to be visible (Rewards go to those who are visible)
  • Power points (Create ones that have few words. Add color)
  • Beware of the signs of the bad newsletter


  • “We have to pursue this subject of fun very seriously if we want to stay competitive in the twenty-first century.” George Yeo


Leslie Ungar – Electric Impulse Communications


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